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Propecia vs. natural hair loss treatments

Propecia vs. natural hair loss treatmentsHair loss is something that affects a majority of men after they reach a certain age. For some men, this happens more early in their life, while for some it does not occur at all. The way in which men respond to hair loss also differs from an individual to individual. Some men do not care at all that they are losing hair, while for some it is a disaster of epic proportions. However, it is safe to say that the majority of men are not too happy about their hair starting to fall out. Because of this, there are numerous products on the market being sold as the solution to this problem. In this article, we will compare Propecia to different natural products that are being advertised for the same problem.

On paper, these products sound amazing. They all contain nothing but natural ingredients and all of these ingredients have been used for centuries by different cultures in order to slow down or reverse hair loss in men. They are completely safe, they have absolutely no side effects and they work just as pharmaceutical drugs such as Propecia, if not better than those drugs. Who could ask for more, right?

Well, the only problem here is that this is simply not true. Okay, these products may be 100% natural and they might have been used for millennia by different cultures in the world. They might also be perfectly safe and side-effects free (which is always a question since they are not approved by any regulatory agency before they can be sold), but the simple fact is that they do not work.Propecia vs. natural hair loss treatments

They all sell some lines about their products nourishing the follicles and stuff like that. However, there is one thing that is so obviously missing from all of these claims and different websites promoting these products. Namely, you cannot find any data to back all this up. You are given some percentages that you are supposed to believe at face value.

On the other hand, there is Propecia. It is a proper medication that has been tested and approved by the FDA and innumerable other agencies from all over the world. Its efficiency has been proven and you can find plenty about it on the internet. It was also found to be safe or otherwise it wouldn’t have been approved. It is only necessary to look beyond pure advertising and look for some data.