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Misconceptions about Hair Loss and Propecia

Misconceptions about Hair Loss and PropeciaHair is considered an important part of one’s identity, especially for women.  But, when men begin to lose their hair, it can cause a severe identity crisis and stress.  In the US alone, men spend billions of dollars yearly to prevent male pattern baldness.  The issue of hair loss is such a sensitive subject that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it and its cures.  Here are the facts about hair loss myths and the hair loss drug Propecia.


Once you lose your hair, it will never come back

Over the years, there have been many treatments for hair loss but they have all been ineffective.  Propecia is the only advancement to come out of hair loss studies.  The hair loss drug, which was approved by the FDA for treating baldness in 1992, blocks an enzyme which causes hair follicles to shrink.  Men taking Propecia can stop further hair loss and experience regrowth of lost hair.


Wearing a hat will make you go bald

The basis of the myth is that a hat will cut off circulation to your scalp and lead to hair loss.  But your hat would have to be incredibly tight to cut off blood flow to hair follicles. If there were truth to this myth, then men who notoriously wear hats frequently (like athletes) would have more hair loss than other men who don’t wear hats.


Hair loss is a sign of aging

Hair loss can happen to men even when they are in their teens or 20s. The bad news is that, the earlier that hair loss strikes you, the more bald you are likely to become.  The good news is that Propecia is most effective when used in young men who are just starting to lose their hair.


Male pattern baldness comes from the mother’s side

Male pattern baldness does have a genetic factor but it is not just limited to the mother’s side.  You can get the condition from your father’s side too.


Using hair products can make you go bald faster

Hair products like gel or hair spray can damage or weaken your hair.  This can make it seem like your hair is thinning.  However, hair products will not make your hair fall out any faster.

Misconceptions about Hair Loss and Propecia

If you cut your hair, it grows back thicker and faster

When you cut your hair, it seems like it is growing back thicker.  This is only because the root of the hair is so much thicker than the ends of a strand.  If you let the cut hair grow out to its previous length, you will see it is not any thicker.  It only seems like it is growing faster because you can notice the growth better.


Combing or brushing your hair can lead to baldness

Combing or brushing can damage your hair, but it isn’t going to harm the hair follicles and lead to male pattern baldness.  By comparison, combing is less damaging than brushing but neither will make a difference for preventing baldness.