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How Propecia worked out for me

How Propecia worked out for meThe first time I heard about Propecia was when my uncle started using it. Over the years, he had lost most of his hair and he didn’t like being bald. According to him, this product was the best shot that he had because it was painless and extremely simple to use. He had no doubts about the efficiency of the product and it soon turned out that he was right about not doubting it at all. After only one year, some of his hair started growing again.

Of course, at the time, I wasn’t interested in Propecia because my hair was quite thick and it didn’t look like I would have problems with hair loss. However, I soon realized that things are not always as they seem. Some things can trick you and apparently, my thick hair tricked me into believing that I would have no problems with hair loss, especially not while I was young. Unfortunately, soon after I turned 26, I noticed that the back of my head looked a lot different than a year before that. My hair was much thinner and I instantly knew how I would end up eventually if I didn’t do something.

How Propecia worked out for meNaturally, my choice was Propecia, not only because my uncle had a great experience with it, but because I learned online that there was an army of men quite happy with it. In my mind, this product seemed as a perfect solution.

Only about seven or eight months later, I can really tell the difference. The hair on the back of my head is not as thick as it was once, but it is definitely getting thicker and I’m sure that it would have been quite the opposite if I hadn’t done something in order to prevent hair loss.

Without Propecia, I might have ended up bald even though I’m not even in my thirties. This would have been extremely devastating and I’m convinced that this would make me feel a lot older and unattractive. Now that I have something on my side to help me successfully battle hair loss, I no longer worry about being bald.