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How I boosted my self-esteem with Propecia

How I boosted my self esteem with PropeciaWhen I was younger, I cared about my appearance, but not too much. Although I did everything I could in order to look great, I wasn’t obsessed with it or anything. I was perfectly satisfied if I was dressed trendy and if my haircut looked decent. Of course, this wasn’t challenging at all and most of the time, I looked just the way I wanted.

However, as I grew older, things started changing a lot. I gained more weight and a couple of years ago, I started dealing with hair loss. At the time, these changes didn’t have any kind of effect on me because I was married and convinced that my wife loved me no matter what. In my opinion, looking great was necessary only when you wanted to make a great impression. Since I had no need for making great impressions (I was already married and had basically everything I wanted), I didn’t worry too much about the change in my appearance. I thought that these changes were inevitable and I thought that they were an integral part of growing old.

Unfortunately, I soon realized that you should never take things for granted. When my wife decided that we should separate, I have to admit that I was unpleasantly surprised because I thought that there was nothing wrong with our relationship. How I failed to notice that there was something wrong is beyond me, but I guess that my ignorance had something to do with my wife leaving me. Luckily, as much as I loved my wife, it turned out that I wasn’t as devastated as I thought I would be. Although I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what was ahead of me, I was looking forward to dating. But there was one problem.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that I changed a lot and this time, I did care about my appearance because once again, I had to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, I felt that there was no way I could make a great first impression because women are not that keen on bit overweight, bald guys.  Of course, I wasn’t completely bald, but it was evident that I was getting there. Something needed to be done, the only problem was that I didn’t really know what to do. Sure, I did kind of know what to do in order to lose weight, but I had no idea what to do about my hair.

Fortunately, not long after I started thinking about my options, I heard about Propecia and just how much this product can help. Determined to do something about my appearance, I ordered the product and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive because I wanted to improve my appearance as soon as possible.How I boosted my self esteem with Propecia

I have to say that the only thing that I didn’t really like about Propecia is the fact that I needed to wait long in order to see the first results. But compared to a hair transplant procedure, which I heard was extremely painful, waiting was not such a big deal. However, after only three months, I could notice the first changes and that is when I knew that Propecia was definitely the right choice for me.

Not long after I noticed the first results, I started feeling much more confident because I knew that there was a strong chance that I might get my looks back and that was all I needed. When I felt that I looked good enough, I started dating.

Now, even though I’m still not finished with using Propecia (I feel that there is much more than this product can do for me), I think that I look decent and it turned out that I make a good first impression. This product did not only help me get my hair back, but it helped me boost my confidence a lot and move on with my life.